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Love + Connection

“The greatest pleasure of life is love.”


I grew up with tons of love and have a loving family that lays my foundation, and for that I’m deeply grateful for, and experience love with.  My journey through life was unique for me, I spent years alone, or dating, or short term relationships, and I had to have lots of practice with myself before finding true loving partnership with a man that I’m now happily married to.

I had to learn to really fall in love with myself first, accept my want of journey for my trail blazing independence and want to connect into love with.   Once in a great while, I felt loneliness, but that usually didn’t last long, as I was off on my next adventure living life with friends and family, traveling all over the world, my busy career that I was in love with, and my want of my own way with nobody else getting in the way of that.  So, I guess you could say that I choose my love of life and sense of discovery and adventure over being in love with another human being, for a long time.  Little did I know that I could have both true loving partnership and a life full of fun, creativity and adventure!

Looking back, I have experienced loving relationships with partners.  But, I have always outgrown them, and I connected in with people where I was at, at the time in my life.  I don’t think anyone could have kept up with me on my journey as I was traveling through this lifetime at fast speeds on my personal development and evolvement.

I finally feel that I know true partnership with a man who is now my loving husband, after doing my own self work and growth, and investing in falling in love and accepting myself totally as a woman who is adventurous, powerful, deep feeling, feminine, creative and soulful.  I finally was able, with divine timing, to meet and connect with someone who will partner with me to journey through the rest of my life as my best friend, my husband and my love.   He is brilliant, deep feeling, adventurous, kind, worldly, loving, fun, supportive, and my best friend.   He matches my energy and we share similar values and experiences yet offer each other different approaches.   He is my true partner and my true love, and I’m grateful.

Intimate love knows no boundaries, no distance, no color, no age, no religion, no race, no gender, and no restrictions.  It just is.  True love can happen to anyone you are personally in tune with and attracted to, whether it is a man, or a woman, or even both.  As the French say, you can be on sail and on steam ~ À la voile et à la vapeur!   And I love that.  My husband just happens to be French.   We had our journey of long distance, and we have an age difference, but I can share with you that nothing kept us a part, we have taken many steps over a few years to make our relationship happen to be together because we found harmony, deep love and passion, and true connection, true love that nothing can tear a part.  It is something that I always knew could be possible.   He is a gift I adore and treasure each and every day.  I earned it, and it’s my birthright to experience true cognitive love.

We are an integral part of life and this Universe, and we must connect into the aliveness and love deep within our hearts, that also resides in others.  You must learn to fall in love with yourself and know yourself first.  As women, we are the creators of children (but with the help from the masculine, of course), and we are the creators of our lives.  We give birth physically, we give birth to the beauty of ideas, birth to create, connect, and produce parts of ourselves and creations emotionally and spiritually.

To love and deeply connect, there is an energy that comes through us, out to the world.   When we source from that heartfelt place within ourselves, love ourselves without abandon, we connect into the loving life force energy to bring this forward to others.   We experience heavenly pleasure.  When we are operating at the capacity connected into self and our highest self of loving love, we have the opportunity to experience incredible connection and love to ourselves and to others.

I find when I’m operating at my best and in harmony, I’m sourcing from a deep rich place of love, self-worth, connectedness, creativity and I’m happy!  I’m connected with love, with life, and it seems with all things around me.   It flows.

But first, we must learn to fall in love with ourselves.   I have come to learn this after spending many years by myself, alone but not lonely.   Of course, there have been moments of loneliness, but again, those were temporary.  I want for you to love your life, create your life with rich hobbies, passions, pleasures and fall in love with who you are and what you want to become.  From that place, you can source love, powerful connected love and call in to you a loving life filled with all kinds of connection.

Have the courage to feel, be open and receive, transform, co-create with intimate connection, and bring forth to the world our soulful truth of love.   The world really needs us, so find love within yourself, fall in love with yourself, and you’ll call in to you the loving relationships that you so much deserve.


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There is power in the personal story, and I'm taking all the rich, juicy experiences I've learned up until now out to the world, in my own way of sharing my personal journey and thoughts. I inspire to ignite a fire in women to fall in love with themselves and claim all that is theirs, so that we can bring our light out to the world. The time is now to take inspired action. I believe the world needs us ~ now ~ and all our glorious feminine power.

I step full-on into my passion in a big way, and claim my purpose. I'm a teacher of the wealth of the soul and body, and I'm powerful, and compassionate.