The Secrets of Truly Powerful Women:
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Art of Feminine Essence

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

-Anais Nin

To unleash the sensual feminine potential that resides in each of us, it’s important to understand the qualities or aspects of ourselves as women.  It’s not just appreciating beauty, a seductive outfit, makeup, or a bodily or sensual pleasure.   It’s not just passion, connection, co-creation and being vulnerable so that others can connect to us and know our authentic selves.   It is all these things, and it’s actually much richer and far juicer than that.

The art of feminine essence is a soft, feeling, loving, compassionate, transformative energy.   The feminine is a channel of light that receives shares and transforms the loving light energy from the masculine.   The masculine needs the feminine to manifest their potential.

The art of the masculine is a pure, loving, providing, channel of the light energy that brings this light to the feminine energy.  Without the feminine energy, the masculine energy is purely a conduit of light and love, neither the Source nor the receiver.

As women and in the feminine, it’s essential to see the power of the feminine inside of each of ourselves.   We must come to know our true essence, and of our potential to claim our light-source inside of us, receive, and know our sexy, soulful truth as a woman.   We are deep feeling, intuitive and compassionate souls.  We are very loving, transformative and giving energies.   The masculine needs us, and the world needs us.    We cannot exist alone, without the masculine, or without each other.

We must learn to realize our potential, take responsibility for our own power and enjoy life, experience pleasure, our interests, and co-creation driven by our own deep love, compassion and fulfillment.   Our very existence is enough; it is our birthright to have deep and rich, soulful co-creative relationships with ourselves, girlfriends, family, men, and the world.

So I ask you, how are you spending your time honoring your feminine self?   Do you do things like put time aside and honor yourself with a beautiful relaxing bath with music and candles?   Do you carve out time for just yourself each day and each week for the things that make you feel good and that you love to do?   Do you feel your feelings?  And then find ways to express them?   Do you have girlfriend time and time with your loved ones?   Do you think you are worth it to have these things in your life?

As Dr. Maya Angelou says “Your crown has been bought and paid for.  Put it on your head and wear it”.    I love that!   I love it so much that I want you to take your crown and put it on your beautiful head and wear it.  Everyday.  Make the time for yourself, you’ll find you’re a better person, mother, wife, partner, sister, daughter, aunt, neighbor, co-worker and person because of it.




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There is power in the personal story, and I'm taking all the rich, juicy experiences I've learned up until now out to the world, in my own way of sharing my personal journey and thoughts. I inspire to ignite a fire in women to fall in love with themselves and claim all that is theirs, so that we can bring our light out to the world. The time is now to take inspired action. I believe the world needs us ~ now ~ and all our glorious feminine power.

I step full-on into my passion in a big way, and claim my purpose. I'm a teacher of the wealth of the soul and body, and I'm powerful, and compassionate.