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Eating + Food + Nurture Yourself

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

-Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own

One of the great pleasures in life is giving to our bodies nutritious and delicious food, and having absolute pleasure in enjoying our foods and drinks.   To really honor our physical temple that we reside in, and provide health and wealth to our body and soul, is through eating fabulous food.   Especially women, we are wired for pleasure, so how do we do this?

I love to eat foods rich in flavors with spices, seasonings, and whole foods.   I pleasure my body through providing it with lots of gorgeous colorful organic vegetables, fresh salads, wonderful sweet fruits, and amazing grains, legumes and nuts.    I eat a mostly nutrient rich, organic plant based diet, and I feel so alive and energetic.   I must admit that I get so excited when I wake up to start my day with a fabulous cup of organic coffee.  I love coffee… then a beautiful breakfast to set me up for a great day.   I do not skip out on this, it’s my beginning and my honoring of my body and my pleasure that begins my morning ritual and routine.

The life force of the dense nutrition and ‘alive’ foods that I’m taking in resonates with my body and my body in turn shows off this aliveness to the world.  It’s a glow, an outward radiance that comes from within.   It is also one of my fountains of youth.  Because I’m making choices and am in love with my body and my being, I show it to the world.  My body serves me, my energy flows on endlessly out through me.

Also, I share with you that I so enjoy lots of raw foods.  I just LOVE them!   They enable me to feel incredible…  I love raw cacao (you know, the stuff that makes chocolate), my morning smoothies with vegetables and fruits, super green foods and raw cacao, bowls of delicious fruits, wheat grass shots,  and all different ethnic types of plant based cuisine.

It takes a sense of adventure, and exploring all the possibilities available to us, to really come to know what is out there for us to enjoy and nourish ourselves with.  Try new things. I invite you to explore the potential and the variety.   I invite you to open up to the possibility that you can have a body and life with eating fabulous foods, where you can find here a wealth of information and learn more about what is possible for a sexy, nurtured body that feels great to live in and shine in.

So many of us women also eat from an emotional place and a place of unawareness.  Then, we diet, then we lose weight, then we gain it back.  And the cycle goes on.  It’s frustrating, it is stressful and on top of that we have body issues.  We don’t stop eating when we are full.   I want to be that agent provocateur of change to wake you up that there is absolutely another way.   I know, because I live it on a daily basis and I want so much to share with you about how you too can have this!

So here are my principals of eating pleasure:

Eat slowly and mindfully, and with pleasure.  Taste and enjoy your food.  Sit down at the table, use your best silverware, plates, stemware and eat elegantly and beautifully doing this.  It feels so much more feminine and fabulous.   I slowly, intentionally eat my foods and am thankful for all the choices I have and what I’m feeding myself.

Stop eating when you are beginning to feel full.   Stop.  Just stop.  If you find you keep eating, notice your feelings, and why you’re feeling this way, and what is triggering you.  Then forgive yourself and learn that you can make a new choice in that moment to do it differently the next time.  Be kind, journal about it, think about it and learn that this may happen again, and get out in front of it with a plan of how you’ll handle this if and when it shows up again for you if you want to keep eating until satiation.

When you are feeling triggered and want to eat some sugar, bread, savory or unhealthy snack foods, feel the feelings you are feeling.  Take notice, no kidding, feel the feelings!  Keep a food journal and write down everything you are eating to understand what you are eating, and to also understand “what” you are feeling (yes, write down what you are feeling and what you want to eat).   Then dig into “why” you are feeling this way and the cause for you to emotionally eat.  When you understand this, you’ll be empowered to make new healthier choices to not eat, or have a glass of lemon or sparkling water.   For me, I do not like to feel hungry, so I get out in front of my feelings of hunger with keeping hydrated and keeping healthy snacks around me at all times.

Stay hydrated, drink lots of spring or filtered water.  It keeps the body hydrated, I feel better, my skin looks better and I look better.

Plan your meals.  Plan to stock your refrigerator with healthy vegetables, fruits, whole grains and rich foods.  Plan which meals you want to prepare that week so you have healthy choices that fuel your beautiful body for health and slimness.  You may need to spend some time in advance to have at the ready choices for you to grab and go when you don’t feel like cooking or you get a food craving, so you don’t default to a sugary snack that sets you back, so you don’t feel awful about your progress if that were to happen!

And remember, eating with pleasure and wealthy health is a way of life for me and can be for you.  It takes practice and learning to make pleasurable choices for health and an honoring and loving of your body.   Imagine the woman you want to be, the woman you want to feel like, and the woman you want to look like and take the steps to support that.  Fall in love with yourself and don’t let anything or anyone get in the way of you being and looking and feeling the best you that you can be!









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