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Beautiful Strength

The life I have designed and created – I’m loving… and I have a really, super simple way to show you how to achieve this.  I believe in wealthy health, strength, and being the best me that this vehicle I was born into can be.   There are a few ways that I cultivate my life through dressing well, moving my body and expressing myself.

I’d like to share with you what I’ve learned about my truth with moving my body, and the results of having a strong body.  I love yoga, walking, hiking and I have learned that I love to weight lift.   I see women running on what I call “hamster wheels” mindlessly for hours on end each week, only to give it up over time because of the repetitive hours of boring non-pleasure producing routine.  I can’t do that, it is absolutely painfully boring.  I don’t see much in terms of results either, and I want to share with you a secret that really, really works.  I want you to learn what I have, and I can teach you.   So walk with me on this journey:

The lie:   Working out more is better… cardio…. and diets.

The truth:  I work out one day a week strength training my whole body for about 35-45 minutes, absolutely no “cardio”, I eat fabulous foods, I’ve never dieted, I rest and sleep well, and I enjoy the heck out of life and my gorgeous body.

It does not seem possible does it, to work out one day a week?   To eat my tail off?   And rest.   Really?

It is simple, and I claim my sexy, soulful truth in my body as my vehicle to live my best life and I will share with you how I do it.   I share some truths in a straight forward way, so you can understand what happens in our bodies, be aware or the truth, wake up and claim your best self.

Here Is Your Roadmap to Achieve Your Best Body

The body will give us exactly what we want.  We just have to know how to ask it properly, and understand it’s intelligence.

Here is the truth:

  • Eat great, real foods.   And eat them in moderation.  When you are full, stop.  Eat mindfully, and eat slowly.  I was taught to see all the foods that I CAN have, versus not all the foods I CAN’T have.  I come from the belief of abundance, not lack.  I’ve never “dieted” and I don’t care for that word.
  • Muscle burns fat.   To lose weight, you need muscle to burn up that fat storage.   As women, we won’t ‘bulk up’, our predominant hormone is estrogen, not testosterone.   To activate your muscle, strength training is the only path.
  • Don’t do cardio.   It wears and tears your body and doesn’t produce the results you want.  Cardio is also ‘oxidative’, meaning it causes inflammation in the body and free radicals which leads to further unhealthy events in the body over time.  Cardio burns absolutely minimal body fat, but is also causing stress and unhealthy actions in the body.  Cardio is an unnecessary stress on the body, and when the body is under stress, it stores fat.
  • Rest and recovery.  No working out for six straight days.  Nap, rest, sleep.  Workout just one day a week strength training to provoke your body into dumping that fat.  You can walk, do yoga, bike ride, or hike.  I do.   I have time to do these other things when I want to.

Sugar Storage leads to Fat Storage
Here is a key truth about the process that occurs in the body:  When we continually eat foods high in refined sugars (sugar is also called glucose / glycogen), and highly refined carbohydrates like white breads or simple sugars, a process takes place in the body.  Our cells can only take in so much glucose (sugar) at a time, so the rest of the glucose is then ultimately stored as fat.  In other words, our muscle cells are no longer sensitive to glucose for storage because it can’t take any more in, so then it’s routed to fat cell storage.

And there it sits, fat continuing to build up.  If you don’t tap into dumping out your fat storages, you gain more fat stored over time.

Lose Weight and Burn Fat
The ONLY way to lose weight, burn fat, and get a lean, toned look, is to strength train, which will dump those glycogen stores, and build up some muscle tone.  Strength training helps gain tone and muscle, and muscle burns fat.   After you strength train, and for the following three days, your metabolism continues to be in hyper drive, burning up your stored fat.

Strength Training versus Cardio
When I strength train one day a week for the 35 – 45 minutes, I am signaling my body to tap into my muscles to get that lean, strong look, and I’m digging into my fat cells.  I am training for strength.  “Cardio” is for endurance.

“Cardio” confuses the body (like elliptical machines, treadmills, etc.).  The body is so intelligent and adaptive, I don’t want to confuse my body doing ‘strength’ training, and useless ‘cardio’ exercise.  I tell my body to respond to a stimulus of building strength, going after a lean look, annihilating my fat.

Here is the wild part.   After I train, I go out and eat a big meal loaded with calories and some sugars.  I need to replenish my muscle cells with some sugars that day.     I can then rest and recover by “sitting around” for six days living my life how I want and I’m burning fat without “working out”.

The Truth
It is super simple, and it works.  And, it goes against what everyone is telling you.  How can one sustain a life working out (or ‘training’) all the time?  I can commit to one day a week of strength training ~ that is sustainable long term.   And, I’m not ‘over-training’ by doing tons of confusing cardio, or at the gym all the time.

So often, I see people go after losing weight and losing fat, working out all the time to reach their goal.  Within weeks and months of them tiring of this process, their weight comes back and the goals are lost.  I often see people frustrated and the cycle begins for them again.

I know a different path to get there, I live it and have for years, it’s sustainable, simple and the truth.  I’m often asked how I maintain my look, and how I have so much energy and people are often in dis-belief about my “I only work out once a week” answer, along with eating “real food”.   And, I can teach you.

What is strength training?

It is weight resistance training, or working out with weights.

There is a routine that I use for my body that taps all the major muscle groups.   It starts with the major muscle groups, then works its way through to the smaller muscle groups in a methodical way.   It’s a stimulus for the body to tap into all my muscle fibers, mobilize fat out of my stored body fat cells, and tone my body.

I started strength training two days a week for about three months.   After that, I was two times for one week, then once a week the following week.  This lasted another three months.   Once the six month mark hit, I went to once a week and I’ve been working out once a week for around 45 minutes.

Life is fabulous…

When we strength train, a whole metabolic process takes place in the body, and here it is in a bit more detail, but simple way.  Again, we must dump out the stored glycogen (sugars) from our muscles and liver, which then allows us to burn our own body fat storages for fuel.  In other words, we active a response in the body when we pull glycogen out of muscle cells, we activate a hormone called lipase which goes out and attacks body fat.   It takes strength training to do this.

And, I eat very intentionally, and mindfully, feeding my body whole foods and when I begin to feel full I stop.  I sit at the table and eat slowly, I meal plan and I give my body what it needs to feel great.   I’m not emotionally eating, I’m aware of what my food is before me and I choose great things to signal to my body health.  I’d love for you to honor yourself with real foods, efficient exercise and a fabulous life.   I do, and I would love to continue to share with you how I live this way!


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