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The Secrets of Truly Powerful Women:
5 Simple Shifts to Be Heard and Feel Valued – without Sacrificing Your Authenticity

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The women I work with tend to be successful, but usually fall into one of two categories:

  • You’ve had to “Man Up” – You’ve climbed the ladder as far as you have because you’ve executed and performed at full throttle – even though it meant abandoning yourself, exhausting yourself, and creating a hard, competitive persona that feels so unaligned with the true you.

    You’ve learned to be tough in order to be successful, to be heard, and to get it all done. But at times, you just don’t feel supported. (And you might even be angry or resentful.)


  • You have the “Disease to Please” – You’re collaborative… but it’s coming from a fear of rocking the boat. When you speak up and someone talks over you, you immediately sacrifice your own opinion.

    You’re a “Yes Woman,” and that’s gotten you as far as you’ve gone – but your team gets confused when you change direction based on someone else’s input. They want to see YOU make a decision and stick to it – and they want to know you, as their leader, will defend them and support them. (And you’re terrified as seeming weak.)

Regardless of which category you fall into – you’re just not truly happy on a daily basis.

You’re tired, and you’re feeling stuck.

You want to be recognized for who you really are as a woman and a leader.

If any of that sounds familiar, I want you to know it’s not your fault.

Women are not taught, guided, mentored or coached on how to be leadership figures.

The problem is – they don’t know how to define success and being a woman in a leadership position.

See, a lot of women don’t know how to navigate the professional world. They don’t know how to meet people where they’re at, how to act in certain situations, or how to BE in certain situations.

They’re either figuring it out for themselves or copying what men do.

For example…

When walking into a room with a higher level director, a lot of women don’t speak up, and are silent at the table – giving away their power.

Other women emulate the men in the room, often raising their voices, interrupting each other, and being very direct at the risk of being seen as a b!tch. This is actually another form of giving away your power – your true, feminine power.

I truly believe there IS a role for the feminine in leadership.

You don’t have to “man up.”

Would YOU like some guidance on tapping back into your authentic self, and becoming a TRULY powerful (and feminine) leader?

I work with clients in a private, one-on-one coaching program. I serve as your guide, your mentor, your cheerleader, and your coach.

In short, I help you become the powerful, authentic woman that’s been dying to get out.

When we work together, you gain a deep understanding of…

  1. What true feminine leadership really means and looks like for YOU. And how to source it! Even if you’re afraid that being “feminine” will cause you to seem weak, I’ll show you that it’s quite the opposite.
  2. What true happiness and success REALLY looks like for you. (Because without a clear idea of this, you’re likely to stay stuck and unhappy where you’re at.)
  3. Support. How to create a real support system around you, and simultaneously have MY full-on support of you during your transformative work process.
  4. What “feminine aspects” are, and what “masculine aspects” are – and how you can tap into each in different situations, and marry the two together – so you can wield both at a moment’s notice. (Hint: when I know I gotta get sh*t done, I tap into my masculine. When I’m going into a meeting, I tap into my feminine, so I can be engaging, inviting and humanistic to inspire greatness in others and achieve a great visionary direction.)
  5. Learn how to use disappointments, frustrations, stress and setbacks as a transformative point to move you towards deeper understanding, and your greatest possibilities.
  6. The steps you can take on a daily basis to live in your true feminine power. These are simple, practical steps that we’ll define together for you. (No cookie-cutter templates for you, my dear. Your action plan will be as unique and alluring as you are.)
  7. Areas where you’re stuck or afraid… and WHY you’re at where you’re at – and how to break out, with a clear path to move forward (it might not be what you think it is!)
  8. Define who you want to be, and BE the most authentic version of yourself – because you have to make decisions from the place of who you want to be, rather than where you’re currently stuck.

You’ll also receive advice and guidance around real-life scenarios, like…

  1. Handling difficult situations – especially those involving other people. (A true feminine leader is able to approach sticky situations with empathy and strength at the same time. She affects change by giving honest feedback – without attacking OR shrinking away.)
  2. Managing a presentation or meeting – even the high stakes ones. (Guess what? There’s a way to get what you want AND be valued, respected and heard – without letting someone else steamroll you… and without your having to steamroll everyone else.)
  3. Ensuring you receive the recognition and rewards that you deserve. (Even if your workplace has a “Boys Club” or a “Girls Club” that is exclusive and competitive. And even if you have a boss who likes to take credit for your work and ideas.)
  4. Advancing your career. I’ll help you create a plan, make decisions, and bring new tools into your toolbox to help you get ahead in your career.

And, most importantly, I’ll help you get to a place where you feel happy, successful, and more aware of what’s truly important to you.


The first step is for us to jump on the phone to make sure we’re a good fit.

I invite you to schedule a complimentary Discovery Session.

In this call, we will…

  1. Get clear on what your vision is for yourself – where you want to go with your career, how you want to feel, and more.
  2. Identify the obstacles that are stopping you from getting there.
  3. Create a clear plan for you to move forward, so you can finally start owning your power and getting the recognition you deserve.

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“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

~Anais Nin

Imagine the kind of woman you were meant to be…

She’s powerful, she’s beautiful, she’s kind, she’s wild, she’s soft and feminine.

She’s also fun, strong, talented, feeling – and she’s wicked smart.

She’s creative, collaborative, visionary and loving.

She experiences (daily) balance, harmony and true pleasure.

She’s productive, intentional, inspired… and inspiring.

Is it time for YOU to blossom?

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And, because I love to spread my message and go big (who wants to be small anyway, except in waist size?), I’m also an international speaker, a writer, and a creative designer. I want YOU to know that your beautiful life and career can be lived as the ultimate joie de vivre.

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