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The Secrets of Truly Powerful Women:
5 Simple Shifts to Be Heard and Feel Valued – without Sacrificing Your Authenticity

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I Believe…

I believe…

I believe… in myself and my voice, gifts and strengths.

I believe… that I have a gift that can help impact the world and it needs to come out to inspire, help and serve others.

I believe… in the power of love.

I believe….that the world needs more love, stronger self-confident people, more peace, more beauty and women who fall in love with themselves.

I believe… in making a difference, helping others, being the best person I can be…

That one person can make a difference, and I can do anything I choose in this world.

I believe… in the power of dressing yourself up, putting on some makeup and going out and showing up in the world, to experience life and all it’s glorious and sometimes difficult offerings.   Life happens for us, not to us.

I believe… in beauty, connection and apprecation.

I believe… in a higher universal power that we are all a part of and connected to.

I believe… in being a person who is inspiring, helpful, empowering, and a leader.

I believe… in gratitude, counting my blessings – and my health.  I believe in eating nourishing foods, to fuel my body as my vehicle that carries me around this life.  I want to do it in style and with full-on health. Health is my wealth.

I believe… in feeling my feelings fully, it’s my superpower and there are no good or bad feelings – just feelings – and as a women, I am unashamed of my feelings and expressing them.  

I believe… that I am a woman who is feminine, strong, kind, sensual and grounded.   That part of my desire and passion is to inspire greatness in others.  

I believe… that I embody what is my birthright to feel love, pleasure, joy and freedom.   To experience what is mine, and what life offers for my indulgence and my joie de vivre.   

I choose showing up for and designing my very own life.  Then I await and look for the adventure it lays out before me.  I play. I trust in the process from the Universe as it provides to support me along my journey and the path of my creation.

I believe… I am powerful and mysterious, living fully in my creativity and my desires daily.   I use my artistry to create beautiful relationships, luxurious experiences and a well-lived life.

I believe… I am a woman unafraid to speak my truth and feel fully all of my emotions, unapologetically.  I take a stand for what I believe in, and rise for those who need support and avail from others. I help to give a voice to the voiceless, release the shame that veils so many of us, so that we can shine our light as who we truly are here to be, and live the life we are meant to live.   Remember who you really are.

I believe… in the feminine artistry, the right to adorn ourselves, accept and enjoy our beautiful body, a beautiful life and beautiful home.   To choose decoration of the self and surroundings, nourishing foods to feed my body, and soulful connections to feed the spirit.

I believe… I have the courage to fall apart, cry wildly, and abandon myself momentarily.   You see, as a divine and capable woman, I can create whatever I want. I will not ask for permission, and I will feel what I want, choosing a better and different emotion after I rid myself of my pain, transforming it into comfort.   As women, we are the transformers of our lives and our feelings, and we often forget this and feel disempowered. I remember and practice daily that I am powerful, and that I am enough.

I believe… that I can cultivate my innate gifts for myself and for others, using them in service to others.   I inspire women to unleash their feminine worth and beauty, to recognize the extraordinary women we really are, so we can live a life rich with passion, worth and pleasure.   


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I’m Susan Lampinen, a leadership and lifestyle mentor who helps unleash professional women to live beautifully and lead powerfully. I love to dress with style, and I balance ambition with ease. And, I believe that women CAN have a life and career they really love!

By giving women a feminine approach to claim their worth, I help them seize opportunities and step up as leaders both in their work lives and personal lives – all while honoring and embodying their powerfully, beautifully authentic selves. With my corporate success, leadership skills, mentoring experience and mindset, it’s my mission to show you how to get there, because I’ve done it.

And, because I love to spread my message and go big (who wants to be small anyway, except in waist size?), I’m also an international speaker, a writer, and a creative designer. I want YOU to know that your beautiful life and career can be lived as the ultimate joie de vivre.

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