I inspire women to live their beautiful, soulful truth.  I am an agent provocateur that unleashes women by giving them permission to claim their birthright of experiencing pleasure, passion, self-worth, health, and love, through a feminine approach.

Where I learned unconditional love…

Animals are incredibly loving and sentient beings.  When I was growing up, my cat demonstrated and taught me about 100% pure, unconditional love.  I learned HUGE love from my family, and my amazing friends, but animals are different.

They continually demonstrate faithfulness in addition to giving unconditional love.  They are there for you no matter what you say or do, showing up in their full authentic and loving selves.   Sure, they all have different personalities, but an animal doesn’t hold a grudge, it doesn’t play revenge.   It doesn’t abuse you, or wish ill of you.  It gives love to you, unconditionally.

I often see and hear stories about people and their companion animals, about how the relationship they have with their animals is one of authentic and unlimited joy and a continual sharing of pure love.

I’ve experienced such love for and from my animals over my entire life, that I sit in bewilderment and am continually in awe, at the profound capacity for unconditional love from these beings.   They are always there for you, no matter what.  Growing up, I always loved being around and with my cat.  It brought me such joy, and I looked forward to playing, connecting with, and loving my cat.

Animals sense when I’m sad or going through a difficult time and they show up more fully to somehow provide additional support.  They must know things on levels we forget to be or stay in touch with.

When I step back and am wise enough to take in a lesson from them, I can assert that I have learned about this deep and pure kind of love.   It’s unstoppable, and it’s never ending.  They are steadfast in what they give.

I have the pleasure of a few cats sharing my home with me, and it brings me such delight and such pleasure to be around my companion animals.  I’m so passionate about honoring animals and I make the choice to be so grateful for their gift, and lessons of their unconditional love.

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I wake up women to live their sexy, soulful truth. I am an agent provocateur that unleashes women, by giving them permission to claim their birthright of experiencing pleasure, passion, self-worth, trust, health, and love.

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