I inspire women to live their beautiful, soulful truth.  I am an agent provocateur that unleashes women by giving them permission to claim their birthright of experiencing pleasure, passion, self-worth, health, and love, through a feminine approach.


Vulnerability… Scary!

This very powerful word used to hold a typical general meaning to me, and I think a lot of people, about being weak or negative….Capable of being wounded / attacked / hurt  and taken advantage of…   being open to negative things.

What I’ve come to really know ~ is that it means when you truly share who you are with anyone, you open yourself up to people knowing who you REALLY are, what you stand for, what you will say ‘no’ to, what you say ‘yes’ to, and what you will and will not tolerate…

People will then get the chance to connect with you, to really know who you deeply are, connecting into your heart and the real you.    You take a chance with the world and put yourself out there risking vulnerability, shame, fear.  But also your strengths, your struggles, your gifts and talents.    Laugh at yourself.   It’s taken years to learn this valuable word “vulnerability”.    Valuable, vulnerable, venerable.   I’ve earned it…   I practice it whenever I can.  I make mistakes and close up shop, but then remember to stop where I’m at and course correct and open my heart.

I will risk all of this so that I may experience the bliss and joy of sharing myself, so that I may in return receive the pleasure of experience great connection, and deep, soulful, and meaningful love.   Without “vulnerability”, we cannot open to the depths of what’s inside us to enjoy life’s fullest and rich offerings.   It can be so excruciating to do this, especially when you’re not used to doing this and being this way.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think you can just be an open book putting absolutely everything out there to everyone, you must waiver discernment.   Things must be earned at times.   I think of it like a beautiful flower that naturally opens over time, but it is absolutely, unapologetically, authentically a flower.   As Maharishi Mahesh Yogi says “happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you”.

You can know deep, rich life and love, when you open to the authentic offerings of yourself first, and bring that out to the world.   You get what you put out there, what you are willing to vulnerably show up for in yourself, for others to know.   Life is such a gift,  fall in love with yourself and be courageous like the flower to open, be authentic, and bloom for the world to adore.



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There is power in the personal story, and I'm taking all the rich, juicy experiences I've learned up until now out to the world, in my own way of sharing my personal journey and thoughts. I inspire to ignite a fire in women to fall in love with themselves and claim all that is theirs, so that we can bring our light out to the world. The time is now to take inspired action. I believe the world needs us ~ now ~ and all our glorious feminine power.

I step full-on into my passion in a big way, and claim my purpose. I'm a teacher of the wealth of the soul and body, and I'm powerful, and compassionate.

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