I inspire women to live their beautiful, soulful truth.  I am an agent provocateur that unleashes women by giving them permission to claim their birthright of experiencing pleasure, passion, self-worth, health, and love, through a feminine approach.

Life is delicious: A recipe for creating a rich, juicy, soulful life. Your best life in 7 steps.

One of my friends said to me “life is getting delicious” during a conversation we were having…  and I was instantly provoked and completely inspired!  I then fell in love with the meaning of that statement.  That comment made me step back from life, go within, reflect and ask myself the question “what exactly does that mean to me?”

Life is delicious on all levels, whether we are eating, having meaningful conversation, experiencing pleasure, moving our bodies, connecting to others, finding a cause that is important to us, or expanding our horizons.  We are multidimensional beings and to create a recipe that I can capture in seven steps how I live a juicy, rich life, these practices would be my top seven ways of living soulfully on a daily and weekly basis.

Here is my Life is Delicious recipe:

1.  Pleasure with body movement.  Workout one day a week strength training.

– I feel so amazing once I do, that without this, I really feel like I’m missing something.

2.  Pleasure with nourishment and taste:  Eat and drink delicious organic, plant based, nutrient dense whole foods.

– Who doesn’t love to taste wonderful, rich foods, and who doesn’t want to feel like a million energetically once we do?

3. Pleasure with connecting to the Divine:  Spending time in nature, with my animals, and in some form of meditation.

– When I connect into the Oneness with where we come from (we are a part of nature, we come from a Divine source) I feel so much more at peace, grounded, in harmony, and remember what is real.

4.  Pleasure with growth.  Working on evolving my soul to help be my best self and serve others.

-I’m constantly reading, working with my life coach, writing, meditating, questioning, self-reflecting, challenging myself and working on evolving myself to be a better person in each moment to experience growth and serve others.

5.  Pleasure in the creative.  Time spent in creation, inspiration and transformation.

-We are created, we create, and we are a part of all creation individually and as a whole.  I find that when I’m being inspired and creating, I find such joy within myself and bring this out to the world to help with my unique reason I’m here for others in this life.

6.  Pleasure in intimacy.  Connection with loved ones for a rich soulful experience.

-Experiencing love and connection with a romantic relationship, your family or friends brings a wealth of the soul.  We are not meant to walk this earth alone, we are meant to be in connection with others to feel joy, growth, inspiration, depth and support.  We are also meant to experience oneness with others.

7.  Pleasure in living and showing up for life.  Exploring and experiencing new things, and all that life has to offer.

-We are here to experience life, and life is a gift that happens for us, not to us.  Experience is what makes one rich.  You can’t take your fortunes with you when it’s your time to go, and if you experience love, connection, the world through trying new things and going new places, we have soulful and sexy truthful life.


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