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I have had an incredible journey this past month where I intentionally accomplished a detox.   Have you ever done one?   This was my first really intense and powerful one, one that went deep for me and one that healed so much in me.  It more deeply taught me about my body and how my body is connected to my feelings, my mind and my soul.  It’s all connected.

I was having incredible issues with balance in my life, I was not grounded, not focused, cranky, dizzy at times, my hormones felt like they were totally out of balance, skin not clear and not vibrant, eye sight was going (where are my glasses?), tired all the time but couldn’t sleep well, I was just out-of-sorts, cravings like there was no tomorrow.

I wanted super strong coffee ~ and a couple of rocket fuel cups at that every morning  just to get up and get out the door to work, I wanted dark chocolate every afternoon ~ and multiple times per afternoon ~ and I wanted to have the not so good carbohydrates as well at times, laced with nice rich cheeses.

So… fast forward, I’m crying, I don’t understand what is going on, but I can’t go on like this, nothing is “really wrong” with me, I’m not sick, but I’m not well.   I’m not functioning to what I know I could be.    So, I got still.  Really, really still, in between the tears.   Then I listened.  My body told me I needed a detox.   Now.

I slowly started a food elimination over several days where I gave up all the foods and coffee, and wine, and things I wanted, foods and sugars I craved and that I knew were not good for me.   Then, I went for it, I went to a 100% raw whole food plant based diet.  I have been a plant based food way of eating, in the past, but had coffee, wine, bad carbs at times (coffee every day!).   This time, it was different.  Totally 100% raw vegan, with no addictive foods or beverages.

Day 1 of my detox, I’m noticing I’m tired, achy, cold, foggy.   But, at the end of the day, I’m also noticing that my hot flashes were gone, it was the first day in months that I did not have one, and I was having so many a day that were intense.   I was floored, shocked actually.  In disbelief.  I struggled with quality of life with these.  I also felt like there was a monster inside me that wanted to rise up and out of me.  So I let it.  Days 2,3,4,5….  weeks later….  I detoxed what I put in my body and what I put on my body, and I detoxed what was around my body.  All makeup, lotions, what I washed my hair with or dyed my hair with went to raw, vegan or plant based.  What I clean my house with.   I cleaned up my whole entire life.  Behaviors and people included!

I cleaned up my emotions, my energy, my mind as well as my body.  I went through a process of a total transformation.   Daily dry brushing, hydrotherapy, the entire process of elimination at and on all levels.   Lots of water, bentonite clay, slowing down, getting more intentional.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed so many things that improved.  My sleep has returned, I can sleep all night and sleep deeply.  I have no cravings ~ none.  My skin is clear, my eyes clear.   I can breathe and there is no phlegm in the mornings like I used to experience.  My body fat has dropped, I’ve shed a few pounds. I’m totally lean.   My joints don’t ache.  No headaches.  I have incredible energy from within me that radiates out to the world…   I’m inspired to create now.   I want to cook, to feed my body really nutritious foods.  I want it raw!   Raw food everyday, and simple plant based whole foods.  Food that is alive is so rich it in turn makes for an alive and rich body and soul.

I’m more grounded, I’m more patient, more focused, clear headed and alive, on fire with energy.   I am at one with so much around me, people, animals, plants, my food, things I didn’t experience before.  When I work out / train, my recovery time is so much shorter now.  My body doesn’t have the inflammation that it used to have.  Whew knew?   All I had to do was listen to my body, make some changes, and be open to what was going to be before me.   I set my intention.  I’m so grateful and changed.

It took my openness and my action, my dedication of showing up for life, but one person can make a difference.   I can see such possibilities and know the power of honoring the body and mind, emotions and energy.  Health is so important to me, and eating and living very clean and very well is life transformational.

Food is medicine, it has been healing, and anytime that I feel off, I listen to my body, because I’ve learned the body never lies, it is so very wise.   I honor my gorgeous body on a daily basis, and have come to know it’s all connected~ my body, mind and spirit.   If I detour and find myself veering off the path to enjoy foods that don’t resonate with my highest good, I can make a u-turn in an instant, make a new choice in that moment, to get back on my journey of wealthy health.   How powerful is that? I have the power of choice.   And, my body is so wise, if we would just listen to it in the first place.

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