I inspire women to live their beautiful, soulful truth.  I am an agent provocateur that unleashes women by giving them permission to claim their birthright of experiencing pleasure, passion, self-worth, health, and love, through a feminine approach.


Okay, here it is, I have learned a powerful and quick little secret to practice, and it works!   Whenever I am having a moment of not being in my positive state or not being fully present in the moment…. Or feeling negative or lacking… Or whenever I’m not operating on all my cylinders, I practice this to bring myself back to a state of grace…

I stop and bring my attention to the present moment and breathe.    I then bring my mind to immediately begin some gratitude thoughts to what I’m grateful for ~ whatever those are ~ and mean to me.   It works, it’s that simple, try it ~ it really works.   Such a shift occurs when you stop to breathe, step into the state of gratitude and be thankful for all that you have.   Whenever you practice gratitude for what you have, you open to having more.   Be grateful for what you have as we have so much.  Whatever doesn’t feel good or was not great melts away.

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There is power in the personal story, and I'm taking all the rich, juicy experiences I've learned up until now out to the world, in my own way of sharing my personal journey and thoughts. I inspire to ignite a fire in women to fall in love with themselves and claim all that is theirs, so that we can bring our light out to the world. The time is now to take inspired action. I believe the world needs us ~ now ~ and all our glorious feminine power.

I step full-on into my passion in a big way, and claim my purpose. I'm a teacher of the wealth of the soul and body, and I'm powerful, and compassionate.

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