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I had to learn to stop “doing”, in order to start “being”…

“The Universe contains three things that cannot be destroyed; Being, Awareness and LOVE”
― Deepak Chopra


I’m tired.   This past year, I’ve realized that I am really tired.   Exhausted, actually…   I have grown tired of “doing” all the time, and “doing” for many years in my life now.  I finally realized I needed to step back and question my life and myself, to stop and understand why this was happening.

I took inventory:  My life has been overwhelming and busy, especially with work, there are so many things to do each day, the project list and to do list seems to be endless, taking care of things at home as well as at work.    I felt tired, too busy, too much going on, too many things buzzing around, I wasn’t fully happy, always running around and I didn’t have the grounding I needed.   I ate fast, I drove fast, I spoke fast, I accomplished things at times without thought, to check off the things that needed to just get done. I didn’t know how to slow down very well during the busy chaos and felt like I was getting burned out.  When I did stop, which I thought I was good at, I wasn’t really stopping I was stopping without any intention and felt like I wasn’t accomplishing much.

When I decided to stop this process, got off the Busy Train that has been journeying and going on for years heading to “Nowhere”, and dive in to understand that I needed to step back and realize why I’ve been on this journey of “doing”, I intentionally stepped off at the next stop.   That magnificent stop was called “Somewhere”.   And that somewhere was exactly what I needed, somewhere to a destination to intentional “being-ness” inside of myself.   It was the journey into myself that has been freeing and powerful.

After I stopped, I took a breath.  I looked around, and realized I didn’t know what to do with myself, how to stop and “be”.   So, I got busy, did some coaching around this, and spent time reflecting, witnessing my actions, journaling, thinking and feeling.   I realized that most of my adult life has been going after doing to accomplish and that has taken me far into my life with success.   But, it was exhausting!   I’m done, I recognize that has taken me to this point, but it cannot move me forward to where I really want to go on this life journey and I needed to change, to evolve, to find a new way of being.

When I did this, I noticed that I could start to feel more for the first time.  I could see more.  I could start to experience more.  This happened over many weeks.   I became so much more intentional with my life, during the busy projects and “to-do” lists, and to the quiet moments of relaxing I was very intentional with how I wanted to spend my time.   I slowed waaaay down.    I learned how to put up a red-velvet rope policy around my life, what to say no to, what not to let in, what to let in, in order to be very clear and intentional about what I say yes to.   I was worth more than all the things going on around me, how I felt became the most important thing for me, that feeling of worthiness and good feelings, these were becoming THE most important things to live life by.   To feel good.  To feel.

With this new found awareness, I started to more deeply feel and notice my emotions, my feelings, and who I really am, what I really felt about things.  Only then could I start to understand how to operate from “being” and from that place, to take inspired action to “do”.   Instead of always running around and “doing”, I’m practicing every day, really stepping into a place of “being” my true self. Life is so much more intentional and by learning to live in joy and feeling good from a place of “being”, then taking inspired action from that place, to go “do” what I love, or what I need to do to show up for life, I’m feeling and experiencing more energy, more love and more inspiration.   Be, do, then have!

When I look back at how I was showing up, I noticed I was talking fast, walking fast, driving as quickly as I could to get from place to place, eating fast, and “doing” life fast!   My days were packed with non-stop meetings with little to no room for intentional breathing or having the space to live in my natural creative state.   I wasn’t truly living from my authentic self, and letting life control me.

As I made this shift, I’ve noticed new things happening.  I’ve been really super mindful and intentional about how I’m really meant to live life, by being and taking action from that creative place within myself and I’ve noticed how life has shifted in many ways for me.   I’m so much more grounded, happier, flowing and experiencing love and new levels of energy.   I can create more and get more done than before, and it’s all from this magical place of “being” my true authentic self.   It’s been a journey and I still practice this every day.   How do you slow down?


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