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I traveled to the other side of the world to have an extended sisterhood

I just came back from a trip over to the amazing city of Dubai, where I had the most incredible experience.   The people that I met there have deeply touched my soul with their openness, kindness, and sense of oneness with each other and their welcoming approach.

I am profoundly touched, and forever take with me the experience that I have cultivated while I was there.   It is an attitude of “can do”….   “let’s figure out how to make it happen”….   sisterhood….  brotherhood…. connection….  support…. pride layered with a sense of taking care…. respect and honor…. beauty…. living life richly.

I was touched by the people who went out of their way to embrace me and show me their culture, show me the things that were interesting to them and what was meaningful to encounter.    It’s not just the amazing food, architecture, lifestyle experiences, products, fashion, design and style, or way of life, it’s much richer than that. What reached out and grabbed me in my soul and in my heart, were the incredible senses of oneness that I felt with the people that were there.

The wonderful women and men reached out and connected on a level much deeper than I could have imagined.   I was so open to the total experience that I was able to receive their beautiful offerings of friendship, learning and wisdom.    I was touched by the fact that they went out of their way to allow me the sense of being supported, of oneness with them, of the tellings that “you’ve got a sister over here in this part of the world”.

I think that if we can truly put forward and live with an attitude of openness, acceptance, love, support, willingness, and we are “one” with each other towards people, and other cultures, our own experience of life becomes so much richer, deeper, more loving and more meaningful on a daily basis.    We get so much more in return.    I didn’t know how much I was missing on a daily basis, until I went and experienced this on a daily basis.

How can we know this, until we live in and experience this?   How do we even try to bring this out in our daily lives unless we have the experience of this to bring forth and share?

I can share with you that every encounter, every moment, we can affect another soul, including our own.   I think to the times when I encounter a real connection with family, friends, or loved ones, and that profound sense of richness touching my spirit, and to bring this out to the world, my life grows more meaningful and more loving.

If we think of the times we do have this understanding, it is the portal or gateway into living a whole life this way.   We have a knowing, and we must tap into this and allow for it to come forth for the sake of ourselves, and for others.    To live this way, starting with moments, then daily, we cannot imagine the treasures that will come into our lives.

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